My First Life is a 3D world where people can meet, chat, dance, and play together.  Unlike other virtual worlds, First Life concentrates on real people communicating with real people.

           Why am I making First Life?  Well, this started out as just an exercise to see if I could download and run my own standalone OpenSim (the opensource software First Life is based on) island.  Once I had that working I had to try it in grid mode, then I had to try to host a grid, and 30 islands later, here I am.

     I began to wonder just what it was I could do with this technology.  I have been active in 3D worlds for a few years and I thought perhaps I should address a couple of the things that bugged me about those worlds.  First off, was the “I don’t mix my real life with my virtual life” mentality that pervades most of the games.  Which is fine, 3D worlds are many things to many people, but I have always lived in the mindset of “no matter where you go, there you are” so it was difficult for me to adapt.  Second, was the fact that in the largest most popular world I visit, people are always complaining about the emptiness.  I’d often sign on and spend most of my time teleporting place to place looking for other people to chat with, usually finding few if any.  60,000 people and I can’t find a sole to talk to?  why is that?  Well, that is because the economy for the game is based on people buying land.  Which, it is great to “own a piece of the rock”, but not so great when you are the only person visiting your rock.  60,000 people, 30,000 regions…  OK, now I know why I can’t find someone to chat with.

     So, it is my goal to offer a limited number of meeting places to make it easier for people to find each other.  Things you’ll need to know…

-FirstLife is a 3D world in development.  The OpenSim software is still being developed, currently in beta 0.7.1x.  Not all things are working, bugs exist.

-FirstLife is my grassroots effort.  There is no large corporation behind me, no investment dollars to start, just a guy, his computers and his network.  Learning as I go and sharing what works.  As the world grows, more and more resources will be dedicated to it.