To join First Life and enter the grid you will need a viewer.  MFL recommends the “Hippo” viewer”, the “Phoenix” viewer (373 version) or the “Imprudence” viewer. 

 The Hippo can be downloaded HERE.  The Phoenix HERE. The Imprudence HERE

You will also need to create an account for your avatar.  That can be done from this website.  Go to the “Grid” section and look for the “create account” button on the left, follow the instructions.  You will need to validate the email account before you can log on (so use a real account when registering).  Also note, there are two accounts to create, one for the web site, and another for grid access.  Once your acount is validated for the web site, log in and look for the grid acount creation to get access setup for the grid.

Once you have your account validated, and the viewer software installed you will need to add the connection information for the MFL Grid into the software.  You need to launch the viewer then click on “grids”.  Click on the “Add” button to open a new entry instance.  Enter this as the Login URL  ““  and click the “Get Grid Info” button.  The rest of the information will automatically be downloaded and filled in.  Click the “Apply”  button and then the OK.  You’re ready to login with the ID you created on the website.  Fill in your first name, last name, and password, then click the login button. 

Next time you want to login the information will already be in the viewer, just select it and login.  If you want, you can set MyFirstLife to be your default grid and eliminate that step each time you wish to login.