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Written by Orb   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 16:08

Welcome to "The Orb Speaks".  The Orb Speaks is my place to state my opinions and advice on life.  I am getting older now and part of the joy of getting older is the freedom to say what you're thinking without worrying about what others think about it.

In my early life I was a school teacher and in that profession, I had to be politically correct.  I followed that career with a short career in home construction and enjoyed the daily chats with my fellow workers about this-that, anything-everything that is possible to discuss.  It made the day go by and it was truly enjoyable to be able to state my opinions and listen to the opinions of others in many friendly open adult discussions.  My next career was as a corporate trainer.  Again, I was right back to honoring the needs of my employer to be politically correct on their behalf.

That career is now behind me and as I struggle with the current economy and current high levels of unemployment in the US, I decided it was time once again to begin to speak my mind.

And that brings me to this website.  I hope you find something useful or thought provoking to you here.  I'm sure not all will agree with me on many of my opinions or thoughts, but as I learned during my construction career, that's a large part of the value. :-)


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